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the homepage is a resource for people looking around for the most efficient gas fired infrared heater . the homepage 's survey of the main gas fired infrared heater sites in the UK shows where you can get the most efficient price and gives you most of the sites you might want to visit for the most easiest to use gas infrared heater .

Infrared quartz halogen heat represents a first class solution to many leisure, office and industrial heating problems. Infra red heats objects by light, much like sun light, therefore the air is not heated, so the radiant energy is very economical such as open areas, high bays, garages, workshops, entrances, and exists especially in areas where drafts can disperse heat.

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  • What is the life expectancy of the ceramic emitter?Answer: The ceramic emitter is guaranteed for 1 year against burnout!! Typical life expectancy is in excess of 10,000 hours. What is the average surface temperature and associated peak wavelength that the ceramic emitters emit?Answer: Like all infrared sources the Salamander emitter does not emit one single wavelength but a range of wavelengths. The peak wavelength emitted is dictated by the surface temperature of the emitter which can easily be controlled using closed loop or open loop control. In reference to Planck’s Law, a heater will emit a range of wavelengths which is only dependent on the surface temperature of the emitter. What precautions/warnings are there with ceramic heaters? Answer: As with any electrical heaters there are important warnings to consider: Hazard of fire: Do not mount emitters/projectors near combustible materials or within a hazardous area. Hazard of electrical shock: Disconnect power before servicing emitters or projectors. All electrical wiring must be done in accordance with local electrical codes by a qualified service technician. Hazard of severe burns: Emitters and projectors operate at high temperatures. Do not operate emitters at voltages in excess of rated voltage or at a surface temperature greater than 1292 °F (700 °C).

    What makes your ceramic heaters better than your competitors?Answer:

    Our lead wires are constructed of 14 strands of 29-gage wire, the heaviest in the industry.

    Are their lead wires twisted or welded to the internal coil? Salamander only uses a solid weld to avoid disconnection

    We are one of the few manufacturers to use steatite tubes to strengthen the lead wire leading from the tower
    and add extra dielectric strength to the tower area.

    We use high quality steatite beads with a deep ball and socket interlock so that when the leads make a sharp
    bend you don’t see the lead wire.

    Our lead wire is made of 80-20 alloy for maximum flexibility with minimum wire fatigue.

    We have the only replaceable thermocouple in the industry. They come in both J and K.

    We offer 3 thermocouple options, replaceable, "FRK", Fast Response Type K cast in, and the traditional potted in Type J or Type K.

    We offer the option of the standard one-piece quick clip or traditional two piece clip.

    We offer custom engineering of products and assemblies?

    We are the only manufacturer to have two locations to serve you, one in the U.S. and one in the U.K.

    Why are ceramic heaters a good choice?Answer:

    Ceramic heaters are 96% infrared energy efficient, leading all other types of infrared emitters.

    They have an incredibly long life and come with a 1-year warranty, so they make a very good cost effective investment.

    They are the best heaters on the market for zone control. Their small size facilitates complex zoning patterns.

    Watt density can be easily controlled to produce the most gentle heat on the market.

    They are very durable, splash resistant, corrosion resistant, and a clean source of heat.

    They are easy to get. A large stock is immediately available, even for large orders.

    Salamander ceramic elements are UL, cUL and CE listed.

    No other type of process heater has a built in temperature indicator such as our red Salamander logo or our optional color changing glaze.

    Ceramic infrared heats objects not the air, so they do not waste energy trying to heat the air in an open conveyor type oven, as would convection style heating elements. Also, in an enclosed heating application you would have the benefits of both radiant and convection to heat your product faster.

    Can I use ceramic infrared heat for preheating or as a booster?Answer: Definitely. Due to the nature of infrared heat it’s very easy to have various zones within an oven. A forced air convection oven is almost impossible to zone within the same heating chamber.

    How flexible are infrared ovens?Answer: Ovens constructed with the new panel allow for continuous reformation. The 12 inch by 12 inch building blocks can be rearranged, added to or deleted from to change sizes, zoned together or separately, and always on hand to meet any rising job shop need. How much maintenance is required for a ceramic infrared oven?Answer: A well built oven is virtually maintenance free. Due to the heat sensitive Salamander logo, elements can be visually checked to see if all are working. The corrosion resistant elements can be wiped free of any dust or impurities.

    What is normal delivery for a ceramic infrared oven?Answer: Due to the price savings and convenience of the panel, custom built panels are no longer the norm. Typical delivery times for complete CRP panels is 3 weeks. Small orders may be available for immediate shipment.

    General Infrared Questions: Does infrared radiation heat the air?Answer: Water vapor and carbon dioxide particles in the air will absorb infrared radiation. Typically, however, the amount of infrared energy absorbed by the carbon dioxide and water vapor are negligible. Does short-wavelength infrared penetrate more than medium and long-wavelength? Answer: This can be true in some cases but not universally. It is important to know the absorption characteristics of the material being heated over the entire Infrared spectrum when selecting the most appropriate type of emitter. Are IR ovens effective in heating only flat surfaces? Answer: Flat surfaces are ideally suited to heating by IR radiation. They can be heated rapidly and effectively in an IR oven. However more complex, three dimensional shapes can also be heated in IR ovens. Three-dimensional parts can be rotated so that all sides are evenly exposed to radiation as they pass through the oven. The heating rate can also be varied from zone to zone to allow sufficient soak time to heat internal regions of a part. Is an electric infrared oven more expensive to operate than a gas fired infrared oven? Answer: In comparing basic utility costs, an electric infrared oven will be more expensive than gas in most areas. However, the overall efficiency of an IR oven should be measured in terms of production capacity and quality. An electric infrared oven has the capability of producing 37.5 w/in2. A gas fired catalytic system can produce only 11.8 w/in2. Therefore, an electric infrared oven can produce up to three times the amount of product than a gas fired catalytic system. Also, the flexibility and ease of controlling an electric infrared oven with unlimited zoning capabilities creates an environment continuously and consistently producing quality parts.

    the homepage makes a regular survey of the main gas infrared heater sites in the UK to see which ones offer the most efficient price and gives you most of the sites you might want to visit for the most easiest to use gas infrared heater .

    If you are looking for gas infrared heater , it is worth looking around for the most efficient portable gas diesel space heater before you commit yourself. To get the most easiest to use infrared kerosene heater , shop around the different sites, and compare, as the most efficient portable gas diesel space heater can be had if you look around. For the best infrared kerosene heater in the U.K. visit the homepage now.

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