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the homepage is a resource for people looking around for the most efficient gas fired infrared heater . the homepage 's survey of the main gas fired infrared heater sites in the UK shows where you can get the most efficient price and gives you most of the sites you might want to visit for the most easiest to use gas infrared heater .

Infrared quartz halogen heat represents a first class solution to many leisure, office and industrial heating problems. Infra red heats objects by light, much like sun light, therefore the air is not heated, so the radiant energy is very economical such as open areas, high bays, garages, workshops, entrances, and exists especially in areas where drafts can disperse heat.

Infrared heaters use a reflective shield to direct radiant heat onto a heated surface. Common types of infrared heaters include metal-sheathed tubular heaters, quartz tubes, quartz lamps, gas fired catalytic, flat-faced panels and ceramic emitters. Infrared flat panel heaters are used to heat objects via radiant heat transfer. Infrared heater elements are replacement heater elements used with radiant flat panel heaters and radiant reflective heaters. Replacement elements are of the same types and configurations used in full heating systems. Infrared reflective process heaters use a reflective shield to direct radiant heat onto a heated surface. Many infrared reflective process heaters are so precise that heat can be directed to pinpoint locations. Infrared reflective process heaters are used in food service, as well as in a variety of other applications.

Important parameters to consider when specifying infrared heaters are maximum sheath temperature, maximum AC voltage, watts, and maximum watt density. Maximum operating temperature is the maximum temperature that the sheath covering the heater may reach. The maximum sheath temperature does not represent the maximum temperature that a heated substance may reach. Maximum AC voltage represents the maximum AC voltage the heater can use. Watts represents the available wattage available from the heater. Maximum watt density is the amount of wattage, per square inch, the heater is capable of delivering. Watt density is calculated by dividing the available wattage by the heated area. Watt density is a good measure of the heater's ability to quickly heat a substance. High watt density heaters should not be used with extremely viscous materials, materials that are not well-circulated, or explosive/volatile materials due to risk of fire. Most heater types will have a protective sheath that covers the heating elements. Many heaters will be available with many choices of sheath material. Sheath material for infrared heaters includes aluminum, brass, copper, iron, nickel alloy, stainless steel, and steel.

Features commonly found on infrared heaters include cooling options, corrosion resistance, cryogenic use, explosion proof housing, internal temperature detectors, UL approval and weatherproof housing. Corrosion resistant infrared heaters are suitable for use in a corrosive or chemical environment. Infrared heaters with explosion proof housings have housing designed to withstand explosions, protecting the materials within. This classification may also include housings, which can withstand sparking and flames.

The term infra-red boosts the popular misconception of something new and mysterious. The word radiation is associated with suspicion. Infra-red radiation exists around us at all times. Any object having a temperature above absolute zero (-273°C) emits infra-red radiation, including the human body.

FP Flat Panel Infrared Heaters are very efficient infrared heat sources in that as much as 80% of the applied energy is converted into radiant energy. Typical ratings are 10-15 watts per square inch. The FP Flat Panel Infrared Heater's advantage versus radiant elements such as quartz tube, metal sheath tubular and ceramic is the complete, wide area, uniform coverage provided. A broad range of standard sizes and ratings can form the modular base of a radiant heating system. Custom sizes and ratings can also be designed for special or unique applications. The standard material, Quartz Cloth, a cleanable Black Glass and extra-durable Stainless Steel emitter surfaces are available. Because of the rugged construction, FP Infrared Heaters are resistant to shock and vibration. No reflectors are required, eliminating maintenance requirements. Without insulation, the overall thickness is 1-1/2" - with insulation, 3". Thermowells can be installed near the surface for precise control of the sheath temperature. By controlling the sheath temperature, the wavelength can be matched to the specific absorption characteristics of the material being heated.

Quartz Cloth, Black High Temperature Glass or Stainless Steel Emitter Surfaces.
Quartz Cloth and Stainless Steel surfaces have a black, high emissivity coating.
Stainless Steel Frame for continuous high temperature operation.
Minimum Frame dimensions allow little interruption in the radiant heat pattern
when two or more panels are mounted together. 5/16" of frame overlaps the
emitter's surface.
Refractory Board with Channels for mounting Resistance Helix.
1-1/2" is standard thickness; 3" thick units include High Temperature Insulation.
1/4-20 x 1" long Stainless Steel Screw Terminals. Standard position of terminals
depend on rating of heater. Terminal enclosure available.
10-32 Mounting Studs located in the corners and along the edge as required or
as specified.
Minimum Width - 4"; Maximum width - 24".
Minimum Length - 6": Maximum length - 70".
Standard 5" long, .24" I.D. quartz tube thermowell installed from the side slightly
off center of the panel. Special thermowells can be supplied.
Type K Thermocouple to monitor or control emitter surface temperature -
ordered separately.

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